So Many Changes

Just every day I’m in awe of the new technological world I live in. I’m even more in awe of the fact that people think I’m automatically adapting to this life as I live it! I take it as a compliment otherwise I’d just be thinking ” Do you seriously believe I have a handle […]

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The parent / teen dilemma

Let’s face it this is just nature’s way of preparing both parent and child for life. Empty nest syndrome will be so much easier if kids are dying to go and parents are packing for them! Lucky are the parents whose kids are giving them grief . Lucky are the kids whose parents let them […]

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The Meaning of Life.

I’ve always pondered this, as you do, as you should. Apparently that’s what life is all about, soul searching, finding the meaning, accepting it and wham bam thank you man, you are now mentally prepared for your death! How simple is that? There is , however, a tricky part , finding the answer. Even harder […]

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Emotional Refuelling

How does anybody emotionally refuel? So many times in life I’ve known that I have to. When my energy starts dying I feel that I have to recharge otherwise I will burn out. I always start to wonder what will happen if my energy goes completely ? This is one of my worst fears. The […]

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The Beauty of Crowd Funding

this is a screen shot but I know with current technology it should be a link. Love the generosity and effectiveness of FaceBook and other media for causes like Eilish’s cancer fund. Watching this fund grow has hopefully given Eilish the chance of living to see her children grow up. What a tricky society we […]

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